Acuflo Industries Ltd was registered as a fully New Zealand owned company in 1991.

Full patent rights too many features of the manifold were granted by the NZ Patent Office as from 30 August 1991 Patent No.239610.

With a history of 18 years use in New Zealand, Acuflo is now the TOP SELLING MANIFOLD in our country.  Currently in excess of 250,000 manifolds in various combinations have been installed and this figure is rapidly increasing.

Existing installations cover a wide range of typical NZ conditions including severe winter frosts and snow in the South Island high country.

The ACUFLO manifold will accept any make of concentric meter meeting British Standard 5728/1997 dimensions.

All assembly and testing is carried out in our own factory in Levin.  Every completed product is subjected to rigorous testing before dispatch under a quality control program approved by our ISO9001-2000 accreditation.

New Zealand manufactured ACUFLO products include manifolds with blanking caps, manifolds complete with meter, diaphragm valves, filter / flow controllers, backflow preventers and water meter plastic boxes with optional patented manifold mounting bases.

ACUFLO products in various forms are in use by more than 70 local authorities throughout New Zealand.  Many councils are specifying Acuflo manifolds with blanking cap in place of meter in anticipation of universal metering in the future.

New Product Range

We can now offer from stock a comprehensive range of meters from 15mm to 150mm with larger sizes up to 500mm on indent.  Stock meters include standard meters in Class C and B, Woltmann type and combination Woltmann / Class C.

These meters are manufactured for our company by leading European manufacturers operating under ISO/EEC accreditation and are all certified to fully meet ISO4064 or EEC equivalent.