Date 26 April 2010



We are please to advise that ACUFLO have just completed a full production run of the New ACUFLO CM2000 manifold.


While based on our success with the Gunmetal GM900S the new Composite Manifold CM2000 has been manufactured using the high performance Grivory material (not GR Nylon of Acytal).  ACUFLO selected the proprietary licensed Grivory due to its unique performance characteristics.


We believe we will need to meet the changing International Standards of Europe and North America which required NO toxicity in potable water products such as the lead, zinc, tin etc present in brass and bronze products.  In selecting Grivory we gain superior strength to bronze, zero toxicity and a proven acceptability with it gain approval for use in potable water supply having been test and listed by the following Authorities to International Standards.


            Belgium            -           Hydrocheck

            France              -           ACS

            Germany          -           KTW and DVGW

            NZ / Australia   -           ASNZS

            UK                  -           WRAS

            USA                -           FDA + NSF + ANSI


While the material cost of EMS Grivory is similar to bronze / DR brass the environmental benefits are far greater with an estimated 40% reduction in energy cost in the production of our new CM2000 over our GM900S.  We strongly believe that these new materials are our future.


ACUFLO have given the CM2000 manifold the industries required 16 bar working pressure.  Under the standard this 16 bar working pressure require a test pressure of 24 bar.  The CM2000 pressure testing consistently shows it exceeds 60 bar!

From ACUFLO’s 20 years of product development in New Zealand for New Zealand customer’s applications we know it is vital to gain installation and field experience with our New Zealand customers in all our variety of ground and reticulation conditions.



Please contact ACUFLO with any comments or questions.