Our way of ensuring Quality Control - ISO9001 - ISO14001 Certification 

As a small New Zealand privately owned company manufacturing critical long life products for the New Zealand Water Supply infrastructure, ® wanted to be able to prove that its products were at least the equal of any others in the world sourced from recognised world leading manufacturing nations such as Germany, United Kingdom, France etc.

® did not want its customers to have the responsibility of taking ® at its word regarding the quality of its products.   ® wanted the industry to have the reassurance that each process of its activities was independently third part audited and verified.  This is why over 20 years ago, ® was an early adopter of the ISO9001 quality assurance certification process.

Each year since then ® has undergone an independent certified third party audit.  The scope of the accreditation and audit covers all of ® activities. All the products ® manufacture as well the companies’ processes are ISO9001 certified covering their Design, Assembly, Testing, testing equipment and product Distribution.

This annual third party audit and certification process, ensures that the systems and checks the company has in place are reviewed , maintained, improved and adhered to, allowing ® to provide the service and products to its customers in the manor and quality equal to the claims of its literature and company representatives.

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