The ® Composite CM2000 manifold in 2010 was introduced along side the popular ® Gunmetal GM900S MKII.  The CM2000 was developed using ® 25 years experience in design and continuous improvement of our previous GM900, GM900S and GM900SMKII bronze and PM900 GRF nylon manifold.  Having perfected the reliability and compliance functionality of the bronze design, the Composite CM2000 utilizes the same proven isolating valve, filter, dual check assembly and blanking cap from the GM900S MKII.  While this provides confidence, it also allows continuity and standardization through the use of the same parts, service tools, field experience and accessories for both the CM2000 and GM900S models.

It could be argued that the CM2000 represents a change in body material over the GM900S rather than a complete new product.  We believe this Composite option prudent, due to the Water Industry increasingly demanding potable water components to be free of Lead and toxins, as well as environmentally friendly in its manufacture, operation and end of life reuse.  The industry confidence in the new manifold and its trouble free introduction has resulted in one in every three ® manifolds sold now being a CM2000.






20mm Composite manifold incorporating top entry line strainer upstream of dual check backflow preventer, high quality upstream diaphragm isolating valve, female BSP threaded.  Fitted with Sensus 620MC composite manifold meter. (Brass meter an optional extra)











DV250 Diaphragm Valve

Available in 15 and 20 male BSP threaded, heavy duty Grivory GV - 5H construction, extremely low head loss slow on/off avoids water hammer and allows good regulating position. Very strong composite actuator and large handle.






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