® Industries Ltd is a small privately owned New Zealand business.


Established 25 years ago to satisfy an identified need to standardize the fittings used when connecting water supplier’s pipe networks to private homes and businesses internal plumbing systems.

Increasingly equipment connected to plumbing systems include detergents, chemicals, garden herbicides and insecticides where protection needs to be considered to stop potentially contaminated water from getting back into the water suppliers network.

® Industries working to international standards designed a manifold which included in one housing a quality isolating valve, pipeline strainer and backflow preventer.  This provided water suppliers a cross connection device for fitment between their pipe system and their customers that standardized the connection rather than being faced with contractors using various fittings threaded together of indifferent quality and layout.  With lost water through leaks the ® manifold also reduced the threaded connections in each turn out from five (or seven when a water meter was fitted) to one on the inlet and one on the outlet.  Thereby dramatically reducing the potential points for leakage to occur.

With the manifold meeting with wide enthusiasm and ® high quality and testing of each manifold being independently verified through an ISO 9001 accreditation for design, assembly, testing and distribution, New Zealand Water Supply authorities quickly adopted the ® bronze manifold for all their 15mm and 20mm customer connections to their water supply.

With these connections being made in the ground ® increased its involvement with engineered plastics by developing a range of special polypropylene in ground boxes and bases into which the manifolds could be installed and correctly placed within a mounting cradle centered within a box base.

This not only protected the pipe and components but further allowed water suppliers to standardize on the ® system with a high quality box that not only withstood vehicle traffic and met pedestrian anti-slip, but again allowed for standardization, colour coding for ease of identification, all at a much lower cost than a metal box or hand made wooden box.

Such was the success of this new system that most Council's adopted the system with over 250,000 being sold.

Over the following years ® was recognized as innovators and quality manufacturers with close working relationships with key New Zealand manufacturers for castings, machining, injection moulding and component supply.  ® carried out design, owned all tooling, sourced raw materials and completed final assembly, testing and distribution to the market.  In so doing, ® was able to control material supply quality and availability as well as finished product quality to ensure customer satisfaction.  This allowed ® New Zealand based manufacturing partners to concentrate on meeting their own manufacturing volume and quality targets for component and for volumes to fluctuate quickly to suit customer’s demand.

Through maintaining the distribution and supply to its customers they have been able to not only forecast customers demand but also modify the product quickly to met individual water supply authorities specific needs.

This dedication to customer needs and flexibility through close relations with specialist New Zealand manufacturers, has seen not only the product develop but the Company to win Electra business awards on three different occasions for most improved business, manufacture of the year and manufacturing innovator of the year.

With engineering plastics continuing to evolve and drinking water regulations becoming increasingly protective of consumers water quality, ® in 2011 introduced a new manifold range made of a specialist plastic polymer alloy.  The reason for this innovation and investment was to remain a market leader by introducing a new product that could reduce manufacturing costs by being substantially more environmentally friendly to manufacture, transport and install, as well as providing environmental benefits to water suppliers and their customers.

Following five years of design and both National and International testing, ® introduced the fully composite CM2000 manifold.  In the first year CM2000 demand grew to represent 35% of ® manifold sales.  This product is totally designed and manufactured in New Zealand to international standards with an estimated energy saving in manufacture and transport of around 40% over the long standing bronze ® product.

This energy saving together with no machining requirement and faster production has allowed this new manifold to be sold at 30% less cost than the bronze equivalent while also removing inground and water supply toxicity hazards present in traditional brass and bronze water fittings.

The innovation present in this new CM2000 product born from 25 years of New Zealand manufacturing and market experience, was recently recognized at the biannual 2012 NZ Plastic Design awards where the ® CM2000 manifold was awarded

            Building Product – Gold Award

            Injection Moulding – Silver Award

            Tool Making – Silver Award

® remains dedicated to being a New Zealand owned employer and manufacturing company focused equally on its customers and manufacturing partners to ensure its continued success through innovation over the various Asian sourced imported copies of the original ® concept.