Welcome to ® Industries Website, a design pioneer and manufacturer of Water Tobies.

®, since 1991, has become New Zealand’s only manufacturer and designer of this unique product range.

The NZ Patent Office granted full patent rights, for many features of our manifold in 1991 (Patent no. 239610).  This has cemented ® place in the world as a pioneer design and manufacturer of the now commonly used service connection valves, meter manifolds and in-ground boxes.

Acuflo Industries Ltd – Now and Future

As a New Zealand privately owned and operated business, the dedication to quality product development to meet local customer’s specific needs continues to be the companies focus

The various ® products, in one form or other are now accepted for use by EVERY potable local body Water Supply Authority throughout New Zealand as well as increasing interest from overseas.

With the legacy of the past, showing ® success is from innovation,  ® moves into the future with the introduction of a full range of new manifold, valves, backflow and water meters, manufactured from lead free Grivory Composite material to meet the worlds needs to move away from materials with toxic content and high energy input.  ® new product range not only is stronger and toxic free, but we estimate it represents up to 40% saving in energy during manufacture and distribution over our traditional bronze products.  That is good for all our futures.

We believe in New Zealand manufacturing, employment and our Companies strong future through us, remaining true to our founding and proven principals.  ® products now provide local solutions of the highest International standards and certified quality assurance.  By working closely with Water Supply Authorities and service personnel ® will continue to create customized products to meet our individual customer’s specific requirements.  Together we will continue to work at satisfying New Zealand future needs.