About Us
Acuflo Industries Ltd

As a New Zealand privately owned and operated business, dedication to quality product development and meeting local customer’s specific needs continues to be Acuflo’s focus. Acuflo product are accepted for use by every single potable local body Water Supply Authority throughout New Zealand. Acuflo’s products are also attracting increasing interest from overseas.

Acuflo success comes from its innovation, moving into the future with the introduction of a full range of new manifold, valves, backflow and water meters. These products are manufactured from lead free Grivory Composite material, meeting worlds needs to move away from materials with toxic content and high energy input.  Acuflo new product range is stronger and toxic free, and results in a 40% energy saving during manufacture and distribution, compared to Acuflo’s traditional bronze products, while being fully recycleable. Acuflo believes in advancing New Zealand manufacturing and employment.

Acuflo is committed to remaining true to its founding principals as a New Zealand owned and operated business. Acuflo products provide local solutions, that are held to the highest International standards and certified quality assurance.  Working closely with Water Supply Authorities and service personnel, Acuflo continues to create customized products to meet individual customer’s specific requirements. Acuflo is committed to continue satisfying New Zealand’s future needs.
Our way of ensuring Quality control, through ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certification
Acuflo is a privately owned, New Zealand company, that manufactures critical long life products for New Zealand's Water Supply infrastructure. As such, Acuflo wanted to prove that its products were equal or better than any other product sourced from around the world. It was important for the market to have the reassurance that every process of Acuflo's activities was independently audited and verified by a third party. That's why Acuflo became an early New Zealand adopter of the ISO9001 quality assurance protocol.

Each year, Acuflo undergoes an independent, certified, third party audit.  The scope of the accreditation and audit covers all of Acuflo's activities. All products that Acuflo manufactures, along with their processes, are ISO9001 certified. The ISO9001 Quality assurance protocal cover design, assembly, testing, testing equipment, and product distribution, ensuring that the systems and processes Acuflo have in place are reviewed , maintained, improved, and adhered to.

Acuflo Achieves ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification

Acuflo prides itself on being and environmentally conscious company. Acuflo has consistently worked to minimise the amount of discharged waste, with it's operations based around a philosophy of minimising consumption and recycling waste .

Acuflo's Levin factory has an annual landfill solid waste of less than 50m3, less than one fifth of the average household's annual landfill waste. Acuflo also works with its suppliers to minimise the amount of packaging on shipments received, as well as reducing the size, weight, and amount of packing material when supplying our customers.

In 2017, Acuflo was independently audited and found to comply with the requirements of the ISO14001 Environmental Management standards. Each year Acuflo continues to find ways to reduce our energy and material use, and looks to design products that utilise the latest in manufacturing technologies. This provides our customers with the most environmentally efficient design, manufacturing processes, supply, and whole of life products available, maximising their ability to be recycled and repurposed.

In 2020, the the introduction of solar panels on the factory roof allowed the company to produce more electricity onsite than it consumes, with the excess being returned to the National Grid.